Friday, October 2, 2009

A lesson in neutering: Adding Snow to Leopard a scrotumly chilling experience.

Why in God's name did you let your fanciest-named pussy yet become so, so flamboyantly rancid?!? Mac OS 10.6 is the WORST Apple release I've ever tried to implement in a corporate environment [except for maybe Mac OS 7.6.1 on my StarMax 3000/200]. Retarded.

Network printers don't work. Well, at least not most of the time...
Reliable 802.1X Support... definitely not.
Why did you get rid of ALL the Directory Access tools (why did you change it from Directory in 10.2?). By god, since 10.2, OS X has been in a spiraling descendo. Fightin' hell, Tiger supported simple things like NTFS *write* support (jesus fu289ing christ, the good ole' days).

Why oh why oh why, great Snow Gods did you come preinstalled on a machine sold to the masses?

Why do I have to cancel FOUR times every hour while you look for the login.keychain password? I already gave you my password . . .

Why oh why is the first thing I have to do on every one of these computers is press Apple [command] + ',' EVERY. SINGLE. TIME I work on a new issue? Did you honestly think that Mac users WOULDN'T want to see the classic "Macintosh HD" icon on their desktop? What sort of blackholeorgasm did you try to do to my glorious desktop? I have to *manually* go in each time and tell you to do this? No, FU<|< yoooOU, Apple.

And worse of all, the advertisement has this smug f*#*king snow leopard on it - yeah, that's right, he got your money for this awful POS.


And he shit all over the place after doing lines of coat off of some lionette. Why is the response time SO SSSLLLOOOWWW on right-click menus? Why do you hate me? Why do you feel it's necessary to harass me in EVERY apple program I launch about updates? Isn't that what *one* former application used to do, namely "Software Update?" (which was already annoying enough...). Are you serious?

And you don't even get active directory support. Total Bull$hit. That thing in the accounts panel DOES. NOT. COUNT.

Why can I no longer do a clean install, without having to go in to terminal and POSIXly move shit around. Vice == BALLS

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