Saturday, January 31, 2009


Hope you enjoy this!

PS Mala and James, thank you. shukran bezaf.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Meet TED

Reid actually introduced me to this site, but instead of posting this, he went with cum gargling girl....

TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) features different speakers every week who take on various topics pertinent to our world today. They also have the TED conference every year. The best speakers receive $100,000 each to execute their ideas. A great way to reward those who are creative and vocal about change!

I wish I had some of these guest speakers for professors. They would've made class more exciting. Anyway, here are my favorite picks. You might come across some good ones on your own. In that case, please feel free to share!

Another Random Thought

Consider this:

You walk into a bar full of aliens with pink bandannas wrapped around there heads (meaning gay; but not gay as in 'happy', more like gay as in 'I like penis') and all the aliens look straight at you. What's your next move? I say chop the fuckers up into little pieces starting with there penises. Point of this exercise - none what so ever, but alas! Remember your childhood dreams and how they all float away in a mountain of sewage the likes of which can never be remembered in normal light, and that my friends, is where babies come from. Same goes to Satan, he's a bastard child and so are we, because the word dad is just a word, in reality he is your 'caretaker' nothing more nothing less, the word dad is a result of an emotional mess in your brain that sucks the logic out of you like a vacuum. Happens to the best of us.

Blessed be the God damn unicorn that turns into the God damn unicycle. Here here! Cheers bitches. Amen.

Let us never forget the Unicorn God !


The rest of the pictures are posted on Facebook.

H&M that was 3 stories high (yeah... kinda ridiculous)

cool shoes

FIDO in Toronto

Monday, January 26, 2009


Saturday, January 24, 2009

NSFW - I dedicate this post in loving one-ups-manship to Z

As previously promised, my next post is pornographic in nature:

Do me proud, [SM]Z . Show me the bowels of the internet...

Wow, yeah, she sure does know how to

PS That's also a finale screen shot... well, almost.

PPS please no 1man1cup (ty). only NEW b.m.e olympics Z

Hmmm...Now that sounds pleasurable!

Inflating Instructions

Moisten Needle. Insert straight into the valve opening while rotating the needle into the valve until shoulder of the needle touches ball. Inflate with Hand Pump only to recommended playing pressure. Remove with same rotary motion.


Friday, January 23, 2009

Apple juice! All the time! In my mouth! Down my throat!

now put that to a beat, bitch (mothafuckin apple juice! mothafuckin apple juice!)

Thank you guys for a wonderful, yet cost efficient time in Nashville (ie: futons, couches and Mala's freezer). The ten plus hour drive was definitely worth it! I'm putting some pictures up now, but a more comprehensive post to come very soon...

may we interest you in a box?

a multifunctional box!

bromance for life, but lezmance is way hotter

post card selection to the fam can be stressful sometimes.

malas las chivas

Also, to enhance our blogging experience, try using tags the next time you post. For example, if you posted a recipe from last night, just type in "recipe" in the labels section. Other useful labels would be: fail, video, photos, etc. You get the point. One last thing, we came up with a very enlightened proverb a couple of nights ago:

slow and steady doesn't win the race, you're just losing the race very slowly.

that's it guys! see you next time!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I need ideas for my cartoon! please comment!

right now, im thinking that its about 2 stoners and their friends. The main character, Chiley is a nerdy genius kid who is always coming up with crazy inventions to make the world a better place and that kinda thing. The other stoner, whose name is Chen, is always trying to find ways to use Chiley's inventions to make money and generally just give Chiley a hard time. And of course there's many other characters I haven't had the time to draw yet. Anyways, that's all I've got for now. Let me know what you guys think.

Barak Obama: Not Just a Marxist Muslim

Apparently, Barak and Michelle are also disgusting sexual deviants.

(btw, how do I embed you tub videos in a post?)


Flying Sucks

I think i might draw a cartoon for this blog. I need to find a scanner though, because I suck at drawing with a mouse.

Kings of Power 4 Billion %

Enjoy, because we surely did while having tea.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Greetings from the Great White North of America Junior!

Hey everyone, I woke up today and had to scrape the ice off the INSIDE of my car again. It's freezing up here.

To kind of follow with C-paz's post:
Billiards in Heaven
Kitty Heaven

Offensive religious comics!

Also, on another religious note in honor of the new president:
Could Barack Obama be the Biblical Antichrist?
(Stolen from my friend's blog)

Finally, does anyone want to start a book club with me and Winnie? We can mail books around.
Winnie is reading:
The Brief And Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
I'm reading:
Black Rain

Who wants in? How is Nashville and beyond? Also, after we start a book club, who wants to help me beat up a hooker? How about a Mexican?

Stream of useless thoughts

I hope all you people start posting more stuff soon, or I'm going to start writing shit like this everyday:

"I have ten Gods and I'll trade you a diamond for your Jesus". But really is Jesus worth a cent? Where did he run off too while fighting with Darth Vader in the nether realm of distant space? Who really controls the universe.... is it God? That seems kinda weird to me that a rapist is in charge of everything (I mean he did bang Mary right? Or was that just a drunken mistake?) It seems to me that non of these questions will ever be solved by you damn liberals. I am here to solve all your riddles about eternal damn nation. The truth is.... Hell. Hell is really heaven. Think about it, all the good straight edge assholes all go to Heaven, why the fuck would you want to do that? "hey guys! let's go to heaven and be sober for all eternity!" Yeah fuck that. I want to go to hell, where all the drugs, prostitutes and rock and roll go to burn the mighty joint of life, speaking of, time for a smoke break.

Bake, I mean back.

So as I was saying, family doesn't matter, it's all about the money baby. I'm tired. Oh yeah, can anyone loan me about $5,000? I kinda owe this hooker for something but I don't have any money (Don't tell Annie!).



Sometimes I miss Southern Nashville gems... but mostly it's the people. Bonnaroo lineup '09 comes out within two weeks... reunion?

Next post will have porn, I promise. That's my SME

Monday, January 19, 2009


Sunday, January 18, 2009

POTLUCK revisited

to remember that it was only a couple of months ago that we had our first potluck antics.

Blog authors

I sent out some invites via gmail to be an author to the blog, but I don't have everyone's email. To invite yourself:

1. Log in as (password fourrrrr)
2. Click on the customize tab, the settings tab, and then the permissions section
3. Send yourself an invite!

How is everyone this morning?Q!?Q??Q?Q (the q's are supposed to be exclamation point

I am hungover and tired how are you? So I ate a ton of delicious food, and I would like to thank all of you for the fabulous night. Memorable moments:

1. Charlie's status
2. Crazy eights with porn
3. Elvis was resurrected like Jesus, except he was a real historic figure and not a fairy tale.
4. My head hurts and I still hate most of you (but not really, you guys are ok)
5. pot
6. I want to go to Amsterdam
7. Hey we all kinda danced
8. contribute please, I think i'm going to be sick

Comment below

I guess you can comment below, if i could post picture I would

Saturday, January 17, 2009


So, what exactly is a SME? A SME (smee) is a subject matter expert (plural slang term SMZ). This compilation of blog entries is the product of many types of SMEs. Experts in computer science, pirate adventures, medicine, pasta, digital media, chalking, philosophy, recording, industrial engineering, Katamari, economics, marketing, and potluck dinners.