Friday, April 10, 2009

Greetings from Brussels

Hello everyone from the land of haphazardly-placed beautiful buildings and delicious waffle donut hybrids. We don't have a blog post for Amsterdam yet, still working on piecing all the madness together. This morning, we caught a train from Amsterdam to Brussels, which was then boarded by a women's rugby team, who proceeded to drink on the train, sing loud boisterous rugby songs, and share their scandalous calendar. Chris has a new appreciation for rugby. Then we walked around the city, discovered many many churches, and a giant elevator. Then we found five dollars, I mean euros. Hope all is well everywhere. Oh, and we found this.

(Hey Mala, James, Wiley, we found your post at the Bush Doctor, and added to the masterpiece.)

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  1. Hi Annie! I'm so jealous! Bring me back something nice and hopefully we can catch up in May maybe?