Sunday, February 22, 2009

Stories from my students...

So, as a quick overview, I am currently teaching high school special education English courses at a nice little rural school called Harpeth High School in Kingston Springs (Cheatham County) in the glorious state of Tennessee. 

I have three classes. First period is a freshmen English I class with about 17 kids.  Second period is an English II class with 7 students. Fourth period is an English II class with 3-4 students.

These kids are pretty ridiculous, but awesome.  They often entertain me with great stories and comments.  They also tend to say some absurd things...

"Ms. Dennison, are those the new kids?  Aren't they beaners?"

"What? You seriously just said that? Do you know that is a racial slur?"

"It is? Well, what are we supposed to call them, then? Mexicans??"

"Yes. They are from Mexico. You should call them Mexicans."

These are the fourteen year old kids that will one day grow up to lead the world... or something like that...


  1. heh, love this story. fight on kristian, fight on!

    (and i just lost...thanks for losing with me)

  2. your kids are adorable. and by adorable i mean racist.

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  4. you know, I was never offended by the term 'beaner'. Shit, I like beans, i'm going to eat some right now. I might start promoting racism so people could be less racist, my theory is, if everyone was openly racist, no more fucking people would complain about it. Anyone on board?