Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another Random Thought

Consider this:

You walk into a bar full of aliens with pink bandannas wrapped around there heads (meaning gay; but not gay as in 'happy', more like gay as in 'I like penis') and all the aliens look straight at you. What's your next move? I say chop the fuckers up into little pieces starting with there penises. Point of this exercise - none what so ever, but alas! Remember your childhood dreams and how they all float away in a mountain of sewage the likes of which can never be remembered in normal light, and that my friends, is where babies come from. Same goes to Satan, he's a bastard child and so are we, because the word dad is just a word, in reality he is your 'caretaker' nothing more nothing less, the word dad is a result of an emotional mess in your brain that sucks the logic out of you like a vacuum. Happens to the best of us.

Blessed be the God damn unicorn that turns into the God damn unicycle. Here here! Cheers bitches. Amen.

Let us never forget the Unicorn God !


  1. Cutting up gay alien penis is kinda harsh dont you think? You never know. You might just enjoy that shit. Bam.

  2. Good call Hawk, next post i'll throw in some good ol' male to male bondage.

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