Friday, January 23, 2009

Apple juice! All the time! In my mouth! Down my throat!

now put that to a beat, bitch (mothafuckin apple juice! mothafuckin apple juice!)

Thank you guys for a wonderful, yet cost efficient time in Nashville (ie: futons, couches and Mala's freezer). The ten plus hour drive was definitely worth it! I'm putting some pictures up now, but a more comprehensive post to come very soon...

may we interest you in a box?

a multifunctional box!

bromance for life, but lezmance is way hotter

post card selection to the fam can be stressful sometimes.

malas las chivas

Also, to enhance our blogging experience, try using tags the next time you post. For example, if you posted a recipe from last night, just type in "recipe" in the labels section. Other useful labels would be: fail, video, photos, etc. You get the point. One last thing, we came up with a very enlightened proverb a couple of nights ago:

slow and steady doesn't win the race, you're just losing the race very slowly.

that's it guys! see you next time!


  1. You will get your apple juice rap soon Winnie very soon.

  2. i want some lezmance pictures. lets see it.