Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Stream of useless thoughts

I hope all you people start posting more stuff soon, or I'm going to start writing shit like this everyday:

"I have ten Gods and I'll trade you a diamond for your Jesus". But really is Jesus worth a cent? Where did he run off too while fighting with Darth Vader in the nether realm of distant space? Who really controls the universe.... is it God? That seems kinda weird to me that a rapist is in charge of everything (I mean he did bang Mary right? Or was that just a drunken mistake?) It seems to me that non of these questions will ever be solved by you damn liberals. I am here to solve all your riddles about eternal damn nation. The truth is.... Hell. Hell is really heaven. Think about it, all the good straight edge assholes all go to Heaven, why the fuck would you want to do that? "hey guys! let's go to heaven and be sober for all eternity!" Yeah fuck that. I want to go to hell, where all the drugs, prostitutes and rock and roll go to burn the mighty joint of life, speaking of, time for a smoke break.

Bake, I mean back.

So as I was saying, family doesn't matter, it's all about the money baby. I'm tired. Oh yeah, can anyone loan me about $5,000? I kinda owe this hooker for something but I don't have any money (Don't tell Annie!).


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  1. dude, i sorta want to withhold from posting just so i can see what else comes out of your brain.